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Revolutionizing Fitness, Athletics, and Nutrition for Women

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I Know How Hard This Can Be

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I grew up overweight and for a long period of time, was in a state of unhealth. I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to learning and adapting to an active lifestyle. I want to help other women feel empowered to make the first steps towards health or to accelerate their current journey with elite coaching.


CrossFit, Level II


Precision Nutrition, Level I

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Functional Fitness, Optimal Nutritional, and a Sustainable Lifestyle

I provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Check out my offerings and choose one suitable to your ambitions and lifestyle.

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Weightlifting is an essential part of any effective training program. Weight training is critical in order to burn fat, increase strength and build muscle. Muscle mass in women also plays a vital role in hormone production, bone strength and so much more! Clients can get personalized weight training or accessory programs to work on their unique goals.

CrossFit Class

CrossFit methodologies are second to none when it comes to functional training and optimal exercises for human movement. As a client you will have access to CrossFit classes or programming depending on your unique preferences. I coach traditional CrossFit classes and provide personal training services at CrossFit Decimate. You can visit their site at for more information about the gym!


Labor is the ultimate physical challenge, so why not train for it? I offer vast experience in the prenatal and postpartum field, while additionally being credentialed as a BIRTHFIT coach. There is monumental data that show the benefits of exercise for mom and baby during pregnancy. It is also imperative to go through a rehabilitation process after birth to ensure that appropriate, functional movement has been restored. I believe in safe, yet intentional and functional exercise for this very special and important time!

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"Food is similar to a prescription drug in that it should be continuously monitored and adjusted to support optimum health and goals"- Coach Amber

As a nutritional coach, I have studied Nutrition in my undergrad along with obtaining Crossfit and Precision Nutrition Credentials. I am able to strategize and formulate meals plans that are effective, but not overwhelming. I can provide one on one, accountable coaching or a more general approach depending on individual need.

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